Website & Blog Design with SEO Optimization

A website is more than an online business card at, it’s an opportunity to inform your clients and potential clients of your personality, business philosophy, and services.

Do you speak frequently at industry events, give seminars, or publish articles? Do you have products, books, or articles to promote?

Your website is the place to highlight all of the services and products you provide, including the ones you’ve provided for other people!

We’ll provide a customized WordPress website, complete with your own, personalized domain name and web hosting, personalized advice on site content, style, and WordPress plugins that will make your site more interactive and more useful for your clients, and written copy for your site that will highlight your strengths and promote your key services.

What’s more, we’ll work with you to create a site that represents you: colors, text, and images that showcase you and your business.

SEO Optimization

We know that the best way to optimize for SEO is to create valuable information for your clients. But we’ll also optimize your site for search engines by using key words and phrases likely to come up in an online search.

We’ll also load your site up with metadata and use Copyblogger’s own renowned Scribe Content software to ensure maximum exposure, making it easier for search engines – and clients – to find you.

We’ll hold your hand.

In addition to creating an awesome site, we’ll also teach you how to use it.

We provide each client with a thorough, in-person tutorial and a customized, step-by-step WordPress guidebook, so you’ll be comfortable updating your site, adding posts and images, and making your site work for you.

Need a customized WordPress website made by your own personal WordPress tutor?

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E-Book Consultation, Ghostwriting and Publication

Once we identify several ways in which you could create an online income stream, we’ll help you develop these products, test various price points, make them accessible through a payment page on your website, and release them on other internet platforms (Amazon Kindle Store, Apple Store, YouTube, etc.). We’ll even set up and manage your accounts and your income.

Or do you already have an idea for an ebook to give away to potential clients or sell on Amazon? We’ll help you make it happen with our e-book formatting and publication service. If you’ve already written the content, we’ll take care of the following for you:

  • Editing
  • Cover design, including 3D image of book’s cover to improve sales
  • E-book formatting and publication as an e-pub file, compatible with Kindle, Ipad, Nook, and virtually every e-reader on the market
  • Submission to Amazon for sale in their e-book catalog and creation of sample pages for viewing by potential customers
  • Creation of Paypal sales page on your website (if in conjunction with WordPress website design package)
  • Management of e-book sales and royalty payments

Need help creating a fully original ebook, report or white paper to drive email subscriptions and earn more money?

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Online Identity Management and Maintenance

Your social media profiles should reflect your professional interests and services, and allow you to network and interact with other professionals in your field.

When we create your social media profiles, we’ll not only highlight your experience and expertise, we’ll also enable you to connect with other professionals through industry discussion or fan groups and make your professional services visible by linking your accounts (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) to each other and to your website.

Our Online Identity Management package helps you to maintain and grow your online presence by updating your website, blog, and social media profiles several times each week or month.

For starters, we’ll:

  • Monitor your social network feeds to publish posts and retweet articles interesting to your clients
  • Accept friend and connection requests from people you know and add clients as friends or connections (just supply the name)
  • Research, write and publish short articles on your blog, keeping your web site climbing the search engine rankings and informing your clients of your latest projects
  • Alternatively, suggesting topics for short blog posts on current “hot topics” in your field so you can write and post the occasional article
  • Solicitation of other bloggers or industry sites for an exchange of guests posts and links
  • Commenting on articles on blogs/websites in your field to promote your name and drive traffic, comments, and potential clients back to your site

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